SCSS Treasures CatalogThe John Gabriel Byrne Computer Science Collection

  • The Computer Science Collection is recorded in the Schedules to the Statutes as being among the treasures of the College.
  • This collection of early computing items was begun by Professor John Gabriel Byrne in the 1950s.
  • MYSTERY SOLVED !!! Recorded interviews of Prof.Byrne found! See  Appeal .
  • This catalogue was created on 8-Dec-2012. Accession dates before then are recorded as the catalogue creation date.
  • The Department of Computer Science was one of the two predecessors of the School of Computer Science and Statistics (SCSS); the other was the Department of Statistics.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, material in this catalogue is copyright of SCSS.
  • If anyone knows if lost items still exist, please make contact as we would dearly like them back for the collection.
  • This is a work in progress, all comments/corrections welcome, for further information contact: coghlan at
  • The collection categories are: Hardware, Literature, Miscellany, Sliderule, Software.